Technology-Based Accounting Services that suit your needs

Virtual CFO Services

Virtual Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Escobar Business & Tax Services provides the services of a Virtual CFO to small businesses and startups. We can assist your business with strategic transactions, financial processes, business plans, and budgeting. In addition to these services we can also provide:

  • Prepare business reports and financial statements

  • Financial planning

  • Payroll Services

  • Consulting and Training Servies

Product Sales and Service

Our firm provides support for Quickbooks™ Online, Quickbooks™ Desktop, and Quickbooks™ Enterprise. We use SOS Inventory to handle all inventory transactions as well as other apps such TSheets to handle employee time tracking. These apps interface with Quickbooks™ Online to update the accounting and facilitate payroll processing through Quickbooks™ Online Payroll.

Manufacturing and Warehouse

For Quickbooks™ Online, our firm uses SOS Manufacturing & Inventory to handle the complex needs of a manufacturing business. This app as well as others interface with Quickbooks Online to provide an integrated, technology-based system of accounting that really works.

Tax Services

Our firm provides full tax preparation services for individuals and businesses. We will prepare your tax returns and file them electronically. We are licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Services. If you have tax problems or need representation at an audit, we can help you. Aside from income taxes, we also handle sales tax and excise matters for businesses.

Service Business

Our firm installs and supports accounting software for services business as a way of optimizing their financial reporting and bookkeeping practices. With Quickbooks™ Online as the core accounting software, our firm supports apps such as TSheets to handle employee time tracking which loads employee hours worked into Quickbooks™ Payroll to produce paychecks.